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Thieves take food from elderly couple

Wednesday May 16, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The ongoing issue of burglaries on Rarotonga hit a new low at the weekend when a substantial amount of food and cooking utensils were stolen from an elderly Vaimaanga couple.

The food and other items were stolen on Saturday night from Papa Ngatipa and Mama Kura, who cook for a living.

“You should’ve just asked for some (food), they would’ve given it”, the couple’s granddaughter told the thieves in a Facebook post.

In addition, a Cook Islands Police Service spokesman said in a statement a local restaurant was broken into over the weekend.  The break-in was reported to police on Monday morning after the owners found dry goods and alcohol had been taken from the premises.

CINews approached the restaurant owners for comment, but they declined. A police spokesperson confirmed the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) is now investigating the incident. 

“The owners of commercial properties need awareness about security measures,” the spokesperson said.

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