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Noise, drunkenness, cause police callouts

Tuesday May 15, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The Cook Islands police attended a small number of incidents over the weekend.

Police were called out to the Kiikii Inn and Suites late Friday night to attend an excessive noise complaint and resolved the issue. A man was placed in the cells for detoxification on Friday night, after he was arrested for being drunk in a public place.

Police also attended a domestic incident on Friday night. They are now searching for a man wanted for wilful damage in relation to the callout.

Another man appeared in court yesterday morning in relation to a contempt of court charge. He was placed in the police lock-up on Saturday morning. An intoxicated male was also brought in for detoxification on Saturday afternoon after causing a disturbance at his home. He was released on Sunday morning. Finally, on Saturday night a male was arrested in Avarua for being drunk in a public place and using obscene language.

There was a crash on the back road of Ruatonga at around 11:20pm on Sunday night. A male driving a motorcycle is believed to have been the only person involved in the incident.

Police say he received minor abrasions.

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