Drink-driving prompts more warnings

Monday April 23, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The Cook Islands police attended a number of serious incidents over the weekend. 

On Friday, a woman who was sunbathing at a beach had her handbag stolen.


The bag was found later on in the day with a number of items missing including a cell phone and a watch. Police are currently seeking two young people seen swimming in the vicinity around the time of the alleged theft. The police say beach areas leave people vulnerable to opportunistic thieves, because of the cover that bushes and trees provide. They say no-one should take the risk of leaving items unguarded.

A man was forbidden from driving on Friday night after being breathalysed at a traffic stop in Nikao. Four people were also forbidden from driving on Saturday night, in similar circumstances. Police say the consumption of alcohol may result in the confiscation of keys, if a person is assessed as being a risk on the road. That applies even though drivers may be under the legal limit for breath alcohol.

“Just don’t do it” a police spokesman said.

Police officers also arrested two disqualified drivers for breaching their court orders over the weekend. One of them arrested appeared in court on Saturday and received a fine. The other was bailed to appear on Thursday.

A male also appeared in court on Friday, after being arrested for contempt of court. The man is facing charges of theft, dangerous driving causing injury, and possession of a substance. He has been remanded in custody and is set to reappear this Thursday.

On Saturday night, police officers were called out five times to deal with excessive noise complaints. Two of the complaints were in relation to a location in Takuvaine. Police also attended a family dispute that required the “relocation” of two people.

There was also an incident involving two motorcycles in Nikao on Sunday. Police say two males were traveling towards Avarua, when one failed to successfully overtake the other. They say the motorcycle that was overtaking clipped the other, forcing the driver to brake suddenly and lose control of their motorcycle.

The victim suffered minor injuries, which were later treated at hospital. Police say they will be talking to the other driver, who failed to stop and offer assistance.

Police have labelled the incident as a “hit-and-run.”

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