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Thieves may have eyes in the skies

Monday April 16, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
Thieves may have eyes in the skies

Concerned locals are asking for tougher regulations to be imposed on drone owners in the Cook Islands after $600 was allegedly stolen from tourists staying in Vaimaanga.

The incident occurred during the early hours of yesterday morning.

The victims allegedly witnessed a drone flying above their holiday accommodation for over an hour at around 10pm on Sunday night.

Social media users were quick to allege the drone must have been used by the thieves to “scout” a victim.

In a post to Facebook, the owner of the property questioned why anyone would be flying a drone so late at night. One commenter said a drone had flown over them in Avaavaroa just the week before. Another said that they “had a bunch of young lads” searching outside their house for a drone that they had supposedly lost.

Drones have become a hot topic in recent weeks, due to the ever-growing popularity of the high-tech gadgets.

People have particularly vocalised their concerns about drones invading their privacy, “had my first encounter with one hovering about a metre above the roof of our holiday home just recently” said one commenter.

“I heard this buzzing, flitting noise and when I looked up and realised what it was, I immediately felt uncomfortable” they continued.

“It was only there for about two minutes but it felt like an eternity, particularly given its close proximity to the house”.

New Zealand has strict regulations regarding the use of drones.

It is illegal to fly a drone over a residence without the permission of the home owner.

Titikaveka MP Selina Napa said all drones “should be registered with the…police” and a list of drone owners and operators be made public.

Napa said such measures will help to better monitor drones. 

She encouraged concerned residents to make submissions to Parliament for drone regulations to be included in the Crimes Act.

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