3 arrested

Tuesday February 20, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
3 arrested

Police have made three arrests in relation to a fight which resulted in a ‘glassing’ incident outside the Rehab nightclub after midnight on Friday.


The three males aged from late teens to early 30s were charged and are expected to appear in court this week. Police did not specify the charges laid against the alleged offenders.

A broken bottle which injured three people, who needed medical attention, was used as a weapon in the fight. One of the victims sustained “a very bad cut to the head”. 

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said they have identified the people involved in the fight and are not looking for any further suspects or offenders.

Police were completing work on the case file yesterday with information gathered from witnesses. 

The prosecution is looking at court appearances for two offenders on Thursday, and one possibly today.

About a week ago, a knifing incident involving offenders aged 18 to 25 took place around the same area. The offenders appeared in court last week.

Pitt said police were concerned with the latest incident, adding any violence in public places would not be tolerated.  He said police would be enforcing tougher measures and adopting a stronger presence.

In terms of security issues, Pitt said police have begun talks with proprietors in the area and there are a range of concerns on the table. 

“The police want to work and cooperate with businesses in what is deemed a high risk area of town.  There is a recognised need for any trouble-makers in or outside bars and clubs to be removed from the town area,” Pitt said.

“Police would like to have the cooperation of business owners in raising alerts quickly so that action can be swift.

Police would like to see a broader responsibility by the community in ensuring security and safety of innocent people and patrons. That includes exercising care and maintaining good conduct.”

Rehab nightclub owner Scott Arlander said they were shocked and saddened by the incidents that occurred in the last two weeks outside their premises.

He said the Rehab management and security team do their best to ensure that patrons are able to have a fun and safe experience. 

“We have achieved this inside our premises and our team is working closely with police to prevent incidents occurring outside the club in the surrounding areas,” Arlander said.

“We have a zero tolerance for violent behaviour and our policy is to ban from the club any persons involved in incidents inside or outside the club.

“We have increased our security and are providing support to police to help control the areas outside the club. We are working with them to prevent any further acts of violence in the future.”

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