Hit and run wrecks family’s hedge

Monday February 12, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

A vehicle running off the road in Tikioki between 1am and 2am on Friday morning destroyed a local family’s hedge, as well as knocking over two road signs.


While no-one saw the accident, resident Susan Ben said she did hear something shortly before 2am.

“It didn’t sound as if someone crashed – it just sounded like someone was speeding past and braked hard.”

Ben didn’t realise the damage the car had caused to their property until a customer at her shop told her in the morning. There were deep skidmarks in the grass on the roadside and their hedge was in tatters with a wide gap ripped through it. Two road signs had also been knocked almost to the ground.

Ben said she was giving them a chance to own up to the damage they’d caused before she reported the incident to police.

Anyone around Tikioki who saw what happened or saw the vehicle involved, please contact Susan Ben on 75553.

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