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Bar brawl prompts police warning

Friday June 19, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

Nine men appeared in court yesterday charged with fighting in a public.


The men were arrested last Friday by police for being involved in a bar brawl that spewed out into the public car park of the popular night spot area opposite the Empire Theatre.

Acting Inspector Rebecca Hosking-Ellis says the fight began in one of the nightclubs in Avarua on Friday night.

She praised security personnel for removing the violent men from the nightclub, but says the fight continued outside the club, with more people getting involved.

“We have a zero tolerance for violence including fighting in public and the police will be using its full force to stop this behaviour.”

Hosking-Ellis says police will be more visible in public bars and clubs as they monitor violent behaviour.

Another fight was reported at Wednesday’s night market in Avarua, but police were on hand to prevent an all-out brawl.

Hosking-Ellis says the incident involved young men from village rugby clubs.

Police are urging rugby club captains, team coaches and sports leaders to take the lead in educating the young men under their charge that violence is not the way to solve issues.

Violence of any form on or off the sports field is unacceptable, and those found fighting in public places will be arrested, they say.

“Police will be coming down hard on this and if you fight in public, you will be arrested and prosecuted,” says Hosking-Ellis.

“We need to stop this type of behaviour among our youth and police will be out in force to prevent fights in public but we need the support of sport club leaders to educate their young men out of this behaviour.”

Alcohol abuse is a major contributing factor to fighting in public, especially in and outside nightclubs, and Hosking-Ellis says education is also important in teaching youth to drink responsibly.

The club rugby union season kicks off this week and police are gearing up to be out in force on Saturday night after club sports close to deter any violent behaviour. Those found to be breaking the law will be arrested.  

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