A drunk young woman has been jailed after breaking into a motel room and alarming the tourist there.

Mataora Pukeiti who has been charged for theft of a motorcycle has requested the court to give him time to get legal advice.

Bench warrant for absconder

Monday March 30, 2020

A bench warrant has been ordered by the Court for Ordain Tutakiao. He has for the second time, not appeared in the High Court this month.

Lemon theft matter adjourned

Monday March 30, 2020

A young man who is accused of taking without permission a 10kg bag of lemons has been given more time to seek legal advice.

Burglar remanded

Monday March 30, 2020

Recidivist burglar Japhet Manuel has been remanded in custody despite the reschedule of the High Court Chief Justice sitting due to the Covid-19 preparedness.

Drivers continue to flout rules

Wednesday March 25, 2020

The court is heaving with drivers who continue to push the limits of police.

Prosecution of PM dropped

Friday March 20, 2020

Days before going the case was going to trial, a Demos political candidate has withdrawn his private prosecution of the Prime Minister and his deputy for chartering a private jet.

Driving offences increase

Monday March 16, 2020

Police prevented 19 people from driving over the weekend as a result of alcohol consumption.

Lawyer prosecuting Prime Minister has winning form.

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