Voyage north happens at last

Voyage north happens at last

Tongan cargo vessel Taka-I-Pomana finally set sail for the Northern Group islands on Thursday afternoon. Cameron Scott was there to capture scenes of happy passengers departing to their home islands and the large crowd that gathered at Avatiu Wharf to see them off.

The waters may have calmed at Avatiu Harbour.

Storm good news for lagoon

The tail end of cyclone Sarai didn’t bring all bad news on New Year’s Day.

The lagoon on the western side of the island of Rarotonga was flushed clean with new water from the major storm that hit the island on Wednesday morning.

Business farewells a very special man

 “Loyal,” “faithful,” “cheeky” and “stubborn” were just some of the words used to lovingly describe the life of the Cook Island Motor Center’s longest serving employee, the late Samuela Samuela, at a special service on Monday.



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Govt sails to the rescue


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Storm good news for lagoon


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