From careless driving to assaulting woman

Friday December 06, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Two weeks ago repeat offender Wilfred Dauvois was acquitted of raping a woman after driving her from bar to bar.

A week later, Dauvois was arrested by police for allegedly driving while disqualified. He appeared before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams yesterday and was granted bail.

Defence counsel Norman George asked that Dauvois be allowed at least two hours to walk or cycle to the police station whenever he needed to report to police.

Police prosecutor sergeant Tuaine Manavaroa did not object to bail.

JP Williams reminded Dauvois that he was disqualified from driving.

It comes after Dauvois was sentenced by the High Court in May, to three years’ disqualification from driving and obtaining a drivers licence.

Sentencing him, Judge Judith Potter said he was a menace on the road. He was convicted on a charge of careless driving causing injury whereby in Tupapa, after he suffered an epileptic seizure behind the wheel and crashed into a number of vehicles.

Then in February, he drove a crashed a vehicle into an ironwood tree. 

The Crown persuaded Justice Potter that Dauvois posed a serious risk to others on the road and should not be permitted to drive.

Dauvois, who now faces two counts of driving while disqualified, dangerous driving and assault on a female, will appear again in court on January 23.

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