Security firm in full operation this Easter

Thursday April 18, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
The Cook Islands Security staff members. 19041716 The Cook Islands Security staff members. 19041716

Cook Islands Security will standby to provide security to their 80 accommodation clients and patrol some areas around Rarotonga this Easter long weekend.

Director Chris Denny said while the team of 12 trained security officers have a lot of activity this weekend their main priority is assisting their clients.

“In the coming months you will see a lot more from CIS, including resorts hiring on-site CIS security guards to help prevent trouble and a more vigilant presence,” Denny said.

He said with the new CIS information office is expected to open on May 1 in Muri, he has trained the security officers and in the past four months of operations they have had good patrol coverage throughout Rarotonga.

Denny said: “As you all may know our patrol coverage is now throughout Raro and the crime relating to burglaries is still at its lowest in many years.

“Being responsible or caring to our guests is the forefront of this private security service so a big thank you to our business members supporting CIS making this important crime preventative network in our communities possible.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, Denny said CIS was not content that anybody on Rarotonga should be robbed of their belongings and they aim to reduce these stats further now that their patrol operation covers the entire Island.

“If you want your home protected or you have a holiday rental of any sort, then it is important you get behind CIS and have your family or guests within our security network.”

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