Behave! Police warn drinkers

Thursday April 18, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Police warn there will be no tolerance this long weekend for drunk people causing trouble or driving while over the limit.

The Cook Islands Police Service says its Easter Message is the theme “Be Respectful”.

Police say they will not tolerate” any form of alcohol abuse either with driving or public ill-mannered behaviour”.

Spokesman Trevor Pitt says: “This is our advice for this Easter weekend where courtesy and respect should be upheld during what is a time of remembrance in our Christian nation. 

“That means applying care on the roads and when socialising out and about throughout the long weekend, and being especially mindful of those who are conducting or practising their various activities of worship.”

Pitt said members of the Catholic church for instance, will be undertaking the traditional Stations of the Cross walk on Friday morning. 

“The police would appreciate particular care at various events and major gatherings, including regard for the safety of children.”

He said this includes the youngsters’ soccer tournament opening this weekend, which has brought a number of outer islands’ students to Rarotonga. 

Pitt said the holidays will be starting and therefore there will be larger numbers of young people around town and at various attractions. 

Police are particularly keeping a close watch on young drivers and are reminding all motorists to keep their speed levels to the limit and extend courtesy if driving in congested areas.

Pitt said helmets are compulsory and those who are subject to the law should stay compliant – holiday or no holiday. 

“There have been positive signs in the reduction of motor vehicle crashes, as well as break-ins, but there has been no such improvement in the incidents of drinking and driving. 

“Police won’t be tolerant of alcohol abuse either with driving or any loutish behaviour in public. 

“The usual checkpoints and venues will be monitored with police maintaining a presence in keeping the peace and ensuring safety,” Pitt added.

Meanwhile, police have said they were disturbed by a spike in drink-driving cases last weekend after the drivers of 16 motorcycles and one truck were taken off the road in one night.

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