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Drinking offences cause trouble

Tuesday March 13, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
Rarotonga police continue to run random checks for drunken drivers. 18031223 Rarotonga police continue to run random checks for drunken drivers. 18031223

Several incidents involving “heavily intoxicated” offenders caused more than their fair share of trouble for the Cook Islands Police Service over the weekend.

It all started in the early hours of Friday morning, with one heavily intoxicated offender arrested for fighting near Avarua wharf and assaulting a police officer in the process.

The man was placed in a cell to sober up and charged with common assault and assaulting a constable. A victim in the fight received medical attention.

Later on Friday night a dispute between visitors resulted in the arrest of another intoxicated offender, a man visiting from New Zealand, who will be facing a charge of wilful damage.

He was brought to the police station heavily intoxicated and while placed in a cell damaged a basin and hose, causing water flooding.

Also on Friday, a complaint of unlawful taking and wilful damage was made after a car was taken. The vehicle was later returned damaged, with money also missing. Police have a suspect and are currently investigating the matter.

A male visitor to Rarotonga encountered a mishap on the road on Friday, the day after he arrived. While driving along the seawall road, he hit a rock on the road and fell off his motorbike. Police attended to the matter and the man was taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Another crash was also reported to police on Friday involving a car and a motorbike. The incident occurred on a side road in Arorangi.

During a traffic enforcement check on Saturday morning, two drivers tested over the breath alcohol limit, while one driver was ticketed for speeding.

Four people were fined for breaching the helmet law and three were issued minor offence notices for vehicle safety infringements. One driver was warned.

Court dates await the excess breath alcohol offenders, who potentially face a mandatory 12-month loss of licence.

Police remind motorists that drinking and driving is not worth the risk and that they will continue to enforce a “no tolerance” approach.