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Standing together to fight the demons

Tuesday November 12, 2019

With their wacky activities to raise awareness, a group of young men is getting Cook Islanders talking about mental health. Now, the Ministry of Health is inviting everyone to contribute to a plan to tackle the taboo subject.

Jasmin Forbes-James started teaching in labs and tutorials to help pay her way through her undergraduate degree in robotics – then to her surprise, she discovered she enjoyed teaching engineering.

When marine scientists wanted to understand the decline of the paua, one of the country’s most culturally significant kai moana, then it made sense to go back to basics by diving from the Marumaru Atua.  Rachel Reeves joins the journey to Manuae and Takutea.

Coming back to give back

Tuesday December 03, 2019

With her dad nearing 80, Mata Puia-Huch came home to help look after him awhile – and realised she had so many reasons to stay. 

Cook Islands’ cuisine, like its language, is under threat of extinction – and local food experts say the revival needs to start now. 

We remember those who die tragically on the roads, in the water and in criminal attacks. We think of their grieving families. But there are others, too, who are often scarred for life.

The good news is that Cook Islands reefs are healthier than many around the world. The bad news is we have a lot of work to do to maintain them. Anneka Brown reports.

Hard times in housing

Saturday November 23, 2019

Tough decisions for owners: To chase the quick buck or invest longterm?

Even in the tourism industry, there is a growing realisation that short-term rentals must not price locals out of the rentals market – after all, Cook Islanders are the heart and soul of Cook Islands tourism. Anneka Brown investigates.

In Cook Islands, Matariki rises in November – unlike New Zealand when it is first seen in June. Gerald McCormack, of Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, explains how to see this herald of our own New Year.

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