Home with his ‘Garden of Eden’

Saturday February 15, 2020

After 45 years in New Zealand, Teremoana Tutini fondly known as Papa Neke returned to his island of birth Mitiaro in 1999 with just his bags and a tent. Now 82, he has two houses and a self-sufficient garden locally known as the Garden of Eden. He is at peace, and loves the simple quietness of life. Melina Etches finds out more during her recent visit to the island.

WWII coastwatchers honoured

Monday February 24, 2020

Grandson calls for recognition from NZ Defence Force.

The names of 14 Cook Islands coastwatchers who served in World War II have been added to the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s online cenotaph.

We know what America wants. We think we know what China wants. But do Cook Islands know what we want for ourselves? 

The recognition of the final resting places of six Cook Islands war dead causes us to consider how we remember them, and indeed, all our loved ones. Jonathan Milne explores the common strands linking the small family burial plots of Cook Islands to the sweeping American lawn cemetery of Hawai’i.

They were dismissed by some as just posing half-naked. But these 30 women who came together this week, irrespective of their age or size or shape, discovered a far richer truth: the importance of being confident in their own skin. 

OPINION: Aspiring teacher Akarere Taka has had to cut back to one paper a semester at the University of the South Pacific due to lack of funding. At that rate, it would take her nearly 13 years to complete her education degree.

Hopes for our resilient reefs

Saturday March 07, 2020

A long-term study of the coral reefs of Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Palmerston shows promising signs of recovery – though Crown of Thorns starfish remain a worry on Aitutaki. 

In the line of duty

Saturday March 07, 2020

They have both battled personal tragedy. Now, these two proud Cook Islanders are fighting back at the international Invictus Games for those who have suffered injury and sickness in the armed services.

Alex and Joshua exchanged wedding vows last week in Australia, because they couldn’t do it back home in Cook Islands. Now, they have one further vow: to see same-sex relations decriminalised here. 

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