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Victoria’s not-so-secret garden

Monday October 14, 2019

Victoria Charles’ first love was dance – but when she began creating new dance costumes from flowers, she discovered a new passion. 

Shifting the paradigm

Saturday September 28, 2019

Rachel Reeves sits down with PhD candidates at USP Cook Islands, which offers scholarships for doctoral degrees and brings Cook Islands researchers together.

‘Just cherish them’

Tuesday September 17, 2019

Nine-year-old Scorpfield Wichman Anthony was killed by his grandfather. He has never before been named. At the request of his mother, we now give him a voice. This is how she wants her boy to be remembered.

‘Rarotonga has changed’

Monday September 23, 2019

Raewyn Goldsbury first came to the Cook Islands with her family on the tiny 67-metre passenger ship, the GMV Maui Pomare. It was a long way across the ocean to come on such a small boat, not much more than 1000 tonnes.

Game-fishing is a small but growing and increasingly important part of Cook Islands’ tourism industry. 

Guiding the way for 91 years

Saturday October 19, 2019

When Ngara Katuke was a girl, there were no mattresses for Girl Guides camps. They slept on mats on the floor and nobody whinged, she laughs. 

Masters of the Globe

Saturday October 12, 2019

The Cook Islands team yesterday boarded a massive Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster III for the trip to perform at the even bigger Edinburgh Tattoo in Sydney. For a small country, we’re hitting the big-time! 

Showing at London Pacific Fashion Week is about far more than celebrating their unique Cook Islands designs, for Tasha and her daughters. It’s about passing on traditional knowledge to a new generation.

Gerald McCormack from the Natural Heritage Trust explains timely new research that shows how far ahead of his time Tahitian navigator Tupaia was – and why Captain Cook was right to trust him to steer the Endeavour.

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