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The good news is that Cook Islands reefs are healthier than many around the world. The bad news is we have a lot of work to do to maintain them. Anneka Brown reports.

Hard times in housing

Saturday November 23, 2019

Tough decisions for owners: To chase the quick buck or invest longterm?

Even in the tourism industry, there is a growing realisation that short-term rentals must not price locals out of the rentals market – after all, Cook Islanders are the heart and soul of Cook Islands tourism. Anneka Brown investigates.

In Cook Islands, Matariki rises in November – unlike New Zealand when it is first seen in June. Gerald McCormack, of Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, explains how to see this herald of our own New Year.

We’ve had Cook Islanders in the grand finals of the NRL and Super Rugby – but last night Rarotonga concreter Simon Rasmussen whipped up an unprecedented appearance in the grand final of a big Australian cooking show. He tells Katrina Tanirau of the unusual mix of ingredients to his unexpected success.

Keeping reading culture alive

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Cook Islands Library and Museum’s manager Jean Mason has worked all year to source books for the outer islands. In an interview with Anneka Brown, Mason reflects on why she’s spent 12 years doing her best to keep the library alive.

Paul Hagai’s fashion design has a strident story, and he’s not too worried whose delicate sensibilities he offends with that story. Melina Etches meets him.

Education leaders believe power will be returned to the people of the Cook Islands if more locals study here and stay here to work – but right now, tertiary study in Cook Islands is unattainable for many. 

See no evil, buy no evil

Saturday December 07, 2019

Cook Islands artists and artisans are competing for the tourist dollar against imported tack and rip-offs. So, what price authenticity? Anneka Brown investigates.

William Kainana Anguna arrived in Rarotonga yesterday with his family and a film crew. It is a homecoming of self-discovery and reclaiming his identity – but most importantly, he’s on a mission to get acknowledgement for his Cook Islands tupuna and other indigenous men of the Pacific who served as radio operators in World War Two.

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