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Tuhe Piho’s “super healthy” drinks are a recipe for happiness and longevity.

Charlotte’s life: Picture perfect

Tuesday December 04, 2018

FIRST LIGHT on a glassy palm-fringed Rarotonga lagoon is as picturesque as it gets, but it’s what lies beneath the surface of the crystal waters that draws Charlotte Piho to the depths below every time she returns home to the Cook Islands.

Space travel youngster’s dream

Tuesday November 20, 2018

While most youngsters are content to just play games on their smartphones, Tai Eraio is searching deep into space above Rarotonga every day and night, tracking the International Space Station on his phone.

Rarotonga is mourning the death of yet another icon: Mousie Skews, who died on Friday after a long battle with cancer.

A whale of an encounter!

Monday October 09, 2017

Whale researcher Nan Hauser wrote this personal account of her exciting encounter with a 50-tonne humpback last week, especially for CINews.

Gerald McCormack director of the Natural Heritage Trust, explains the story behind the success of establishing the Kura (Rimatara Lorikeet) on Atiu, where the bird had previously been absent for 200 years.

Getting Rusty

Saturday June 29, 2019

When Jonathan Milne and his family decided to move to Rarotonga, there was never any question their 11-year-old terrier Rusty would come with them. After all, their three boys had grown up with him. But then, they ran into problems.

Stories for the return home

Saturday June 22, 2019

The publication of a new edition of glossy magazine Lokal is a triumph over adversity, telling the stories of the Cook Islands for a younger audience who long for home. 

The news that this country has one of the world’s highest obesity rates has been a wake-up call. Anneka Brown investigates fitness options in the Cook Islands.

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