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‘My disease has no cure’

Tuesday August 20, 2019

Cook Islands News publisher John Woods faces up to his own drug addiction.

I used to have a meth habit.

Cook Islands Investment Corporation will next week announce its plan to safely dismantle the rusty 107m structure.

KIWI JOURNALIST Jonathan Milne is the new editor of Cook Islands News. He takes up his new role on June 4 after relocating to Rarotonga from Auckland where he was until recently editor of the Sunday Star-Times.

Cooper adjusts career focus

Saturday May 18, 2019

Rarotonga’s sought-after wedding photographer Melanie Cooper is ready to lift the veil, so to speak, and spread her wings within new and exciting projects.

Major impacts and EIAs

Since 1992 the United Nations has encouraged its members to apply the Precautionary Approach

Auckland Catholic youth on Raro

Saturday April 20, 2019

The Cook Islands Catholic Community Auckland (CICCA) youth pilgrimage is visiting the island for a religious and cultural immersion during holy week and Easter.

Pride and unity from big build

Saturday April 13, 2019

Neatly dressed people set plates of food while men constructed the toilet block, others did a final rake, and still others hastily prepared ei maire, rocks and nu for the opening of Anaraura’s new Are kikau (traditional hut).

Science key to grasping change

Saturday December 08, 2018

This feature by Melina Tuiravakai, Climate Change Cook Islands Division of the Office of the Prime Minister and Kate Jean Smith, UNDP, describes how automatic weather stations are helping to fill the gaps in our understanding of climate change.

There are two things you can guarantee when you take a spin out with Raro Buggy Tours – one is that you’ll get dirty, the other is you’ll have fun.

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