Local commentator Bill Carruthers has taken a keen interest in telecommunications developments, both in the Cook Islands and overseas.

Andre Raoult slipped away from us all in Marseille, France at 8.30pm on Thursday March 20.

German artist Barbara Bull is a teacher of visual art, and she has 30 years of experience in teaching young people in secondary schools in Germany. 

Reclining in a tall leather chair with hands clasped behind his head, Jules Maher looks exhausted but relieved.

Significant changes have been made to the Te Mato Vai Master Plan as a result of formal and informal consultation over recent months.

Anzac Day: We remembered them

Friday April 18, 2014

Those gathered for the 99th Anzac Day dawn parade were urged to value their freedom, and those of others; to hold dear the values of democracy and a respect for human rights.

Beloved Cook Islands resident Eleitino Paddy Walker has been honoured by the University of Auckland for her “exceptional, unique and distinguished” service to education.

Three northern group islands have given their full support to Marae Moana, the Cook Islands Marine Park.

The Long-tailed Cuckoo (Karavia) winters in tropical Polynesia and migrates to New Zealand in October and November to breed by duping other birds to incubate its eggs and raise its young.

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