Cook Islander John Dunn has been returning home for the past 15 years to help Rarotonga Hospital with much-needed surgery.

Jonathan Milne was happy to blithely disregard the advice of those who told him to take care with scooters in the Cooks – until this week, his front wheel started sliding out on the gravel.

Around the world in 80 years

Saturday July 27, 2019

Aged nearly 80, Duc Nguyen has now visited 198 countries – more than are even recognised by the United Nations.

Now he has ticked off the last nation on his list and returns home to his wife in Canada.

As dawn broke at Mauna Kea to the north, and as dawn broke at Ihumatao to the south, sons and daughters of the moana gathered to fight for protection for their sacred lands.

Buy local, these Cooks entrepreneurs say – and this week, they showed why. 

Models blaze down the runway of the Lady Boss show to promote the brands of young women in business, showcasing apparel and merchandise.

What’s in your water?

Saturday July 27, 2019
When I get sick, I go to the doctors, not the water, and I put my faith in God.”

How an atoll spoke to the world

Saturday August 10, 2019

Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky’s daughter’s umbilical cord is buried under a coconut tree on Pukapuka. She is working to tell these stories of the atoll, she says, before the seas rise and it’s too late.

We are a country evolving, and evolving in our relationships with the 50-plus countries we have diplomatic ties with and especially the one we have free association with; New Zealand.

A whale of a tale

Saturday August 03, 2019

Amid concerns about tourist boats getting too close and scaring whales, tough questions are being asked about how the magnificent marine mammals are to be protected for the future. 

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