As the nation celebrates 49 years of self-government in the middle of a bitter post-election period with nine petitions, it is appropriate to look back to 1998 and review what had been recommended for political reform at that time.

With the focus put on waste management recently by the Democratic Party outlining its policy on the subject, the release of a new Asian Development Bank report on the challenges faced in this area by the Cook Islands is timely.

In 1980, The National Film Unit in New Zealand gifted Te Papa Museum (known then as the National Museum) a collection of black and white glass plate negatives by George Robson Crummer, an amateur photographer resident in Rarotonga from 1890.

In a simulated emergency communications test, Rarotonga Amateur Radio Operators (hams) contacted over 600 other ham radio operators in 38 different countries on five continents during one 12 hour period last weekend.

Brown Widow spiders on Raro

Monday June 30, 2014

Natural Heritage Trust Director Gerald McCormack has made a full study of the recent spider infestation that has caused both concern and angst on the island.

Saturday night with the CCECC

Saturday June 28, 2014

Roughly 40 workers from China have travelled far from their native homeland to participate in one of the largest infrastructure undertakings in Cook Islands history.

Another seasonal session has concluded for student training restaurant Kai Reka, and as usual, flavours and plates astounded – nothing unusual there.

The technology employed by Treddlecats - a common sight in Muri lagoon - could soon be ploughing through the high seas.

Amateur (Ham) radio operators

Tuesday June 10, 2014

For most people, if they have vaguest idea of what an Amateur, or “Ham” Radio operator is, they associate them with the first communications out of any disaster area. 

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