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The Bond story wine match: Wine fit for a king

Saturday February 15, 2020 Written by Published in Weekend
The Bond story wine match: Wine fit for a king

Wine: The Kings Thorn Pinot Gris
Vintage: 2017
Waihopai Valley, Marlborough, NZ


OMG what a blast we had last weekend at the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival! I need more work trips like that one! But as they say, what happens on tour stays on tour so let’s get onto this week’s wine review. 

Marisco Vineyards takes its name from proprietor Brent Marris' notorious ancestors; the de Mariscos, who in the 12th and 13th centuries inhabited Lundy Island, off England's south-west coast. The Kings Series wines were created to celebrate the scandalous stories of those ancestors.

In 1155, despite the de Mariscos' possession of Lundy, King Henry II, for political reasons, gifted the island to the popular Order of the Knights Templar. However, the de Mariscos refused to relinquish it and were fined for not doing so. They remained a constant Thorn in the King's side, retaining possession of the island for nearly 90 years. It was finally forfeited to the crown in 1242 following the execution of one William de Marisco for piracy and his alleged involvement in a treasonous plot against King Henry III.

The Kings Thorn Pinot Gris is utterly simple but dangerously delicious. The rich gentle aromas of golden peach, grapefruit and green pawpaw are finished off with a subtle oak lifted spice. To create the subtle oak, 10% of the wine is fermented in French Oak puncheons before being blended back in with the remaining juice. The dry citrus fuelled finish will perfectly cut through the spice of this Indonesian style curry. At 14% alcohol, l this wine is no light weight and will hold its own against our local Raro chillies. 

With his third internationally successful brand (after Oyster Bay and Wither Hills), Brent has firmly established himself as one of New Zealand’s most respected winemakers. He is known for his outstanding ability to blend varietals in a manner that best represents regional style and character. His wines are renowned for their fruit purity, structure and seamlessness and have proved a big hit with wine lovers the world over. With wines this good, our job at The Bond Store couldn’t be easier!

Price: $26

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