The first Mangaia artwork Allan Tuara crafted was a pedestal adze, for his daughter Jackie Tuara for her 21st birthday and graduation in 1990.

The fish aggregation devices deployed by the Ministry of Marine Resources fave become increasingly valuable as the fish have been pushed farther out into areas boats need more fuel to reach. Today, the FADs are revered by fishers. Each has its own Maori name. 

The stories flow from Tapi Taio as he reminisces about the life he has lived.  Telling them, it’s hard to do him justice. He talks with Katrina Tanirau about triumph, adversity, and always having faith.

Debate: Who is a Cook Islander?

Saturday May 30, 2020

Government is consulting on new immigration law changes that widen the definition of a Cook Islander – and that has set the ngiāo among the rupe.

Nooroa Mata tried to return home to Atiu before the border closed.

New Zealander Bernadette Shaw has been carjacked in Papua New Guinea and ducked drunken fights in Darwin, yet it’s in her latest role leading a Cook Islands bank through the Covid crisis that this risk-averse financier is exploring her wildest frontier. 

‘Our guardian angels’

Monday May 18, 2020

For Viani Tixier, a low point in her family’s long repatriation process was sleeping on the floor of the airport with her baby son and cancer-stricken mother-in-law. They could only improve from there.

Growing up, Tere Joseph’s children watched with awe as their formidable mum raised them, worked a senior management job, and helped run a church in their own home.

Rima Browne tells how her mother Tashi Tutai shared different traits with each of her five ‘children of God’.

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