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Saturday September 28, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Diane Fletcher and her chef Santony Beltran yesterday afternoon at the Vibe Fish Van. 19092746/ 19092747 Diane Fletcher and her chef Santony Beltran yesterday afternoon at the Vibe Fish Van. 19092746/ 19092747

It takes so little time for Diana Fletcher to set up her new fresh fish van and get cooking, that you might as well invite her entire business around for lunch!


Fresh fish on the rock is in demand – and Diane Fletcher has designed her very own portable fish van, set with a tasty menu to satisfy our fresh Yellowfin Tuna cravings.

She knows it’s no easy job catching these treasured fish, “Fish is a real delicacy on the island and sometimes there’s a bit of a shortage,” she said.

It’s been a year in the making but the idea has always been there. Diane always thought a fish van on the island would be something a bit different.

Diane’s brother in law Tom Vea has also set up a commercial fishing business, taking up the joys of game fishing and supplying the fish van with fresh fish every morning.

The Vibe Fish Van has been down at the wharf and Diane’s been there herself serving up some hot food. She’s moved from the public reserve where she first set up, to adjacent waterfront land that she’s been authorised to use by the owners.

She’s hoping to have a different location around then island every day, and is keen to hear from anyone who would like her van to pay a visit.

She’s got a lot on the menu including fresh mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo and marlin. Adding to that smoked fish, ika mata, sashimi, salad, deep-fried food and more seafood.

“Our pasta salad is the bomb and our burgers are yummy,” said Diane.

And if you’re not into fish, Diane has introduced ‘Build Ya Own Burger’ where you get to choose exactly what you want between the buns from Beef, Chicken or Fish and there’s plenty of add-ons and sauces to choose from too.

The van was originally bought in New Zealand and it was a bit of a dinger until Diane set her mind to fixing it up and kitting it out with everything they would need.

The real highlight is that the van is fully mobile and can set up at any event or any location. They can cater too. The self-sufficient van has its own power supply by generator, it has its own gas for cooking up a nice beef burger and its even got its own water tank and grey water tank.

In 30 minutes the van can be set up and then pack up just as easily, said Diane.

* If you have a spot and would like Diane to serve her fresh fish there for a day or two, give her a call on 55425.

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