Tourism interns inspire students at Tereora

Saturday October 06, 2018 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Cook Islands Tourism intern Tumurakau Pittman. 18100207 Cook Islands Tourism intern Tumurakau Pittman. 18100207

Recently Cook Islands Tourism interns, Manine Lynch and Tumu Pittman alongside trade and communications executive, Claire Wilson, presented the Intern Cook Islands Programme to eager Year 13 tourism students at Tereora College.


The programme promotes careers and opportunities in tourism and hospitality and encourages the development of young Cook Islanders and other interested individuals to reach out to businesses to find that fit.

The Intern Cook Islands programme established in 2014 was initially a pilot project within the corporation, and has now developed into a meeting platform for potential interns to connect with Cook Islands tourism and hospitality businesses.

“It was great to see the younger generation so keen to learn about our internship programme and more of what Cook Islands Tourism does. Seeing how interested and keen these students were definitely made it easier to present our slideshow. I’m excited to see more of not just our younger generation of Cook Islanders apply for internships, but also encourage others who want more work experience to apply. You never know,” said Tumurakau Pittman.

Aimed at high school students and graduates, the presentation generates awareness of the opportunities out there for students. It also provides tips and advice on how to write and develop their resumes.

Cook Islands Tourism is committed to encouraging students to further develop their skills and gain confidence in areas they may not have yet considered.

The team’s presentation at Tereora College was both engaging and insightful. With students learning how to write captions for marketing purposes as well as sharing their ambitions and desires for future careers.

Lynch discussed how “The Intern Cook Islands programme is a great way for young Cook Islanders to gain experience and understanding of the working environment. Having this programme in our high schools can help develop and equip our younger generation for their future career paths in the industry.”

Cook Islands Tourism aim to present this Intern Cook Islands programme to other high school classes in the Cook Islands.

This programme serves not only the interns and businesses overall but acts as an outreach programme giving back to the Cook Island community.


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