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Events business with a twist will be family legacy

Monday June 26, 2017 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
A sunny outdoor brunch setup by K.K&Co. 17062306 A sunny outdoor brunch setup by K.K&Co. 17062306

Many will know Esther Tetava as the sole force behind the popular Frigid clothing line. Her first business venture saw her visions come to reality in the form of urban wear for men and women.


Now one of the few young Cook Islanders bucking the trend and returning from overseas to live in Rarotonga, Tetava is officially eight weeks into a new business venture, this time for an Events Decor and Hosting Business - K.K&Co.

With the aim of creating a family legacy through the business, Tetava says of the name: “it stands for Koro, Kiearra and Company”, Tetava’s nephew and niece, “and not forgetting our younger ones Leighton and Kayden. We wanted to get them in to the business world very early and thus the name K.K&Co, the future of our family”, she states, “9 to 5 jobs aren’t the only way, and Rarotonga is full of opportunities for people to leave the rat race and truly start living.”

Focused on doing things “a little differently’ is the premise for K.K&Co. “We want to change the island’s events scene from the usual white marquee tents and plastic chairs, to a more natural and rustic vibe,” says Tetava.

Versed with creating and maintaining websites, Tetava wants to run as much of the business as possible online once the website is launched. With the majority of clients being Generation Y, and from an overseas country looking for a destination event, it’s a perfect scenario. 

K.K&Co is a unique events business with a twist, aiming to make island events a little more contemporary. K.K&Co offers four different services: decor, event planning, sourcing, and hosting.

Tetava explains the services: “Décor is just that – customers select items from our catalogue to hire. We will drop the items off and pick them up, and that’s the end. Sourcing is us going out and sourcing a product within means that you specifically want for an event if we don’t already have it in our range.”

She adds, “Hosting is for anyone who wants to see the best of our island paradise. We’ll show them around the island, get them exclusive prices for rental properties, and of course organise the best activities and showcase the most exceptional local cuisine the island has to offer.”

For event planning, Tetava has teamed up with Salamasina Napa, a veteran in the wedding planning industry. “Weddings are our biggest pull at the moment and Sala will look after all things ‘wedding’, while I’ll be involved mainly with the other events like birthdays, music events, special occasions, and the like.”

A passion for seeing everyone living life to the fullest, Tetava has been going against the tide when recruiting vendors or service providers for events by giving recognition to understated individuals or small businesses.

“We believe in giving back to the locals. Why pay a large business or corporation for something that doesn’t see the actual workers benefit from your business?” Tetava questions, adding, “these are all vendors that are doing that little bit extra to get ahead in life and all truly benefit from the added business they get from our recommendations.”

K.K&Co has a focus on quality, not quantity – with Tetava preferring to cater to small, intimate events that most people will overlook; like surprise engagements, a fancy brunch, or a picnic lunch with friends and family.

Recycling, creating, and up-cycling unique pieces from Rarotonga makes K.K&Co’s catalogue different to others. Tetava and her family have hand built quality trestle tables and blackboards for their hire range; along with bamboo and flower arches, wooden photo backgrounds, and wooden benches to feature alongside items sourced from around the globe.

A friend to the environment, K.K&Co’s decorative glass bottles were saved from a local bottle store, sanitised, and recycled.  For more information, check out their Facebook page, K.K & Co. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 77082.

            - Kimberly Samuela

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