Hot on the Rock

Getting a fix of Love

Saturday September 14, 2019

Coffee, for most of us, is the first thing we think of in the morning.

And for some, that means Love Cafe. “Good coffee, good service, and I love the personalised messages written on the cups – a great way to start your day,” says regular customer Tairi Herrmann.

A Divine time in Paradise

Saturday September 07, 2019

Penrhyn-born Poloa Rowe was so inspired by famous hairstylist Vidal Sassoon’s story of triumph over adversity, that she named her cat ‘Vidal’. 

The continued hammering and grinding in the new megastore means staff can’t hear people on the phone – but that’s not stopping the customers.

Eatery renamed Lucky Rooster

Saturday June 01, 2019

A well-known eatery in downtown Avarua has been renamed after one of their regulars. And it is not one of their customers.

Rarotonga Brewery recently celebrated a major milestone in the company’s history. By choosing not to bottle their popular Cook Islands Lager, the company has helped to stop over one million glass bottles from entering the landfill.

Poko’s dream comes true

Saturday May 18, 2019

Poko Nelio, fondly known as ‘a rocket in a pocket’ for her incredible memory for details and sprightly service in the hospitality industry, recently opened her very own food business.

Diamonds are forever, the old advertising slogan says. But now, it seems, flowers are forever, too.

Local fashion designer Arliza-Moana Karaponga, 22, has created her own line of island-inspired clothing.

Unique fashion store now online

Saturday April 27, 2019

Local entrepreneur Jasmin Beer brings trendy new fashion to the Cook Islands through her business The Mint Closet.

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