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What is critically wrong with this picture - and who shouldn't be throwing stones? Find out, with today's quiz.

Are you a NFL fan? Which NFL team is Bradlee Anae, who grew up in the Cook Islands been drafted to? Complete the quiz and find out.


US President Donald Trump caused consternation with his bizarrely (and dangerous) suggestion for using disinfectant to cure Covid-19. What did he suggest? Complete the quiz and find out.


Our Golden Oldies will be home soon. But how long will the mamas have been in self-quarantine or isolation before they are finally allowed to go home? Complete the quiz and find out more.


Who stepped off an international flight at Rarotonga Airport this weekend? Discover what the answer is to our quiz.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it's not the answer in Cook Islands. Discover what the answer is to our quiz.

Quarantine Quiz: A slight hiccup

Thursday April 16, 2020

Hic! Today's quiz – hic! – asks the record – hic! hic! – for the – hic! – longest bout of hiccups. Take a breath then give it a go.

As Germany sends a charter flight to collect stranded European tourists, it's all plane sailing in today's travel-themed Quarantine Quiz.

Our increasingly popular Quarantine Quiz poses some questions on Easter eggs, sport and the Sheraton.

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