Losirene Lacanivalu

Losirene Lacanivalu

Marlon Marc Rebollos will be defending his Expatriate Dancer of the Year title at the Te Mire Ura event at the Rehab Night Club tonight.

For the love of dancing

Friday August 07, 2020

The love and joy of dancing, puts a spark in the heart of Rebecca Ellis whenever she performs on stage.

Six Solomon Islanders lost at sea for 20 days put their survival down to rainwater, sea turtles and the power of prayer.

Health ministry Te Marae Ora is on high alert after confirming the tentative diagnosis of dengue fever cases on Pukapuka and Aitutaki – despite extensive attempts to protect the outer islands from the mosquito-borne disease.

Two of older robbers of the Tex Mart store in Nikao have been sentenced to two years imprisonment.

It was a nervous moment at the Constitution Day volleyball tournament when Men’s Tupapa 1 was recalled to play for another minute against Toka Covid to determine the final winners.

Pukapuka locals are being vigilant to ensure they have no dengue cases, says the Island Administration, and insists a reported case was a false alarm.

Sentence today for teenage robbers

Wednesday August 05, 2020

Youngsters who robbed Tex Mart store with machete could get jail time for aggravated robbery.

Attacker to get treatment, not jail

Wednesday August 05, 2020

An alleged violent attacker has been designated “not fit to plead” by Te Marae Ora’s mental health team.

Three strikes for violent offenders

Saturday August 01, 2020

And alcohol is fuelling domestic violence and worsening mental instability, says expert.

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