Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

This is our most stellar set of questions yet in the admittedly short history of the Cook Islands News Quarantine Quiz. Compete with friends and family – who's the star?

Our increasingly popular Quarantine Quiz poses some questions on Easter eggs, sport and the Sheraton.

The passengers and crew of the MSC Magnifica have fond memories of Rarotonga. They were Cook Islands’ last cruise guests before the travel ban – and five weeks later, the sands of Muri beach are a distant memory of one of the last times they were allowed to step ashore. 

As Covid-19 halts all international travel until further notice, a Tahitian passenger-cargo ship company is offering a positive future forecast for devastated global tourism industry.

Stranded tourists from Canada, Britain and Europe took advantage of the only flight out this week, and a transit window from New Zealand, to chance the long trip home.

Ryan Paton and his girlfriend Katie Gardner had been living and working on opposite sides of the world. The British couple planned to reunite for a special, reunion holiday in Cook Islands.

Our increasingly popular Quarantine Quiz poses some questions about the comings and going of cruise ships – a change from queries about the diminishing number of flights.

Imagine, working on a remote tropical island. Test yourself: How many rangers is the National Environment Service recruiting to take care of this atoll?

An important and previously-unknown watercolour of Mangaia, painted by the surgeon’s mate on Captain Cook’s third voyage, has been purchased by a British museum.

This is Holy Week. The day Jesus died is called:...

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