Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

A university has conferred a Cook Islander with an Honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD), and last night someone was awarded the best sportsman of the year. Who was awarded what? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

The Private Sector Taskforce suggests that Cook Islands borders should reopen soon. But when? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,who gave Harry his Nimbus 2000 broomstick? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

New Zealander Bernadette Shaw has been carjacked in Papua New Guinea and ducked drunken fights in Darwin, yet it’s in her latest role leading a Cook Islands bank through the Covid crisis that this risk-averse financier is exploring her wildest frontier. 

Environmental report says Cook Islands’ drive for mining raises concerns for the Marae Moana Marine Park, for tuna fisheries, and for tourism.

What is the Mangaia word for “speak, speech”? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

BSP country manager David Street took a leading role for the bank’s touch team, against ICI Transformers last week. Do you remember what the score line was? Be part of today's quiz to find out.

At 60kg, big tongue-lolling Onion is not typical of the world-famous small, stumpy Raro dog. But very little is typical now as Cook Islands’ long white beaches empty of tourists and their friendly companions.

Papa Jack rescues kitten

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Papa Jack has climbed hundreds of coconut trees – back on Nassau, it was to get coconuts. More recently on Raro, the champion climber who works for Koka Lagoon Cruises has become a star with the tourists; his name appears in dozens of travel stories in international media.

Among the 230-plus people disembarking the two AKL-RAR repatriation flights were two travellers who were not returning Cook Islanders. Who were they?  Be part of today's quiz to find out.

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