Kids and the Lion King

Saturday July 20, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
Luna, Monty and Ruby. 19071906 Luna, Monty and Ruby. 19071906

Never mind what the grown-up critics have to say, the real judges of the new Lion King will be the kids, these school holidays.

Nine-year-old Luna Napa saw the new live-animation movie on its opening night.

“I really like the new movie, it has real characters, especially Timone and Pumba, they just make me laugh the whole time. And I love the song ‘Hakuna Matata’ – it’s in the new movie too.”

Her Apii Te Uki Ou classmate Ruby Newport says the Lion King story has always been special to her. “The movie tells you that someone you want to be king gets lost and then found again,” she says. “It’s about loyal friendships.”

Her favourite scene in the first movie is when Pumba tells his story of how nobody ever liked him, “because it’s quite funny and sad”.

Her favourite character, though, is the ever-popular Timone. “He’s funny, gross and a bit weird.”

Monty Milne, 9, says he liked the animals, the settings and the plot of the first movie. “My favourite part is when Simba got adopted by the small meerkat Timone and Pumba the warthog; I also like the elephant’s graveyard scene too.”

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