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A Quiet Place a roaring success

Saturday May 05, 2018 Written by Published in Entertainment
A scene from the fi lm A Quiet Place, now screening at Empire Raro. 18050405 A scene from the fi lm A Quiet Place, now screening at Empire Raro. 18050405

There’s an old saying that if a tree falls over in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

Well, in A Quiet Place, the latest horror movie to hit Empire Raro, it asks if you make a sound, will you survive?

A unique concept in a world of generic scary movies, A Quiet Place is a fantastic piece of film-making, mixing genuine scares while also serving as a commentary on parenting.

While there are action scenes throughout, the best ones are the tension-filled scenes where the monsters search for the main characters, pulling you to the edge of your seat as you wonder how they will get out alive.

Starring John Krasinski and his real life wife Emily Blunt, as parents Lee and Evelyn Abbott, the story surrounds their family as they live in total silence, to hide from blind creatures who hunt by sound.

The movie begins on Day 89, so you don’t get to see where the beings came from, all you know is that it seemed very few people survived.

As the movie follows the family around on that fateful day, you aren’t sure why they are trying to make as little sound as possible.

To communicate, they speak almost exclusively in American Sign Language, something they were likely already skilled at due to their daughter (Millicent Simmonds) being deaf. She is actually deaf in real life.

Soon the audience is shown why they are trying to be so quiet, as the family endures a great tragedy, and the movie soon skips forward to almost a year and a half living under those conditions.

It is here that you are given information about the deadly creatures through various stories written about them, showing the journalists are more afraid of their editor than anything out of this world.

One of the worst things about horror movies is how loud they are. They try and scare you by creating a loud noise to make you jump from your seat, and not relying on anything creative.

In this film, when the silence is punctuated by noise, that means incredible danger is right around the corner.

There are some spectacular set pieces throughout, and the movie does a good job early on walking you through the property, and hinting at what might come into play later.

Blunt, as the heavily pregnant mother, is the star of the show, as she manages to convey a range of emotions without saying a word, as she’s as tough as a battle axe.

Krasinski, perhaps most famous for playing Jim on The Office, also gives a strong, meditated performance, and his relationship with his daughter, Reagan, is the central conflict of the film.

For better or for worse Lee has had to become the strong, silent type father figure, but Reagan takes that as him harbouring a hatred towards her for something that she did earlier on.

She did do something that can be looked upon as incredibly stupid, but from her point of view it was a kind gesture, and she lives with the guilt from that decision, a terrible thing for such a young girl to go through.

If you love to see horror flicks, A Quiet Place will be right up your alley, as it has some of the most inventive scares in recent memory (although it’s probably not the best movie to see with the children).

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