Life lessons in ‘How to Be Single’

Saturday February 20, 2016 Written by Published in Entertainment
Dakota Johnson as Alice, left, and Rebel Wilson as Robin in a scene from the movie How to Be Single which is screening at Empire Cinema. 16021904 Dakota Johnson as Alice, left, and Rebel Wilson as Robin in a scene from the movie How to Be Single which is screening at Empire Cinema. 16021904

While I was watching this movie, it felt like my birthday present had come a week early.


Good company is important in anything you do and when it comes to movies, it’s top priority.

My experience this week was something like that. “How to Be Single” wasn’t at all tedious and the company couldn’t have been any better.

I sneaked into the single ladies’ premiere of the movie organised by Knickers in a Twist at the Empire Cinema on Thursday and it turned out pretty awesome.

How to Be Single centres around Alice (Dakota Johnson), who after four years of romance breaks from her long term boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) to experience life as a single woman.

After ditching Josh, she sets out for an adventure, moving to New York City to stay with her older sister Meg (Leslie Man), a doctor who has no interest in a relationship or having children.

Alice joins a law firm where she meets Robin (Rebel Wilson), a wild co-worker who enjoys partying and one-night stands.

Robin becomes Alice’s guide to single lifestyle and introduces her to bar owner Tom, who has a crush on Lucy (Alison Brie), a girl on a hunt for a perfect guy on every dating site possible.

After a one night stand with Tom, Alice is ready to commit back to her relationship with Josh who, meanwhile, has moved on with Michelle (Sarah Ramos).

What was supposed to be a well-planned experiment turns out to be a disaster as Alice is left single.

How she recovers and moves on is what the remainder of the movie is about.

Johnson is still looking for love. She was unfortunate in “Fifty Shades of Grey” and now in How to Be Single, shes on the hunt again.

Her portrayal as Alice, a girl who wants to have fun, is pretty decent. Alice has been in a relationship for years and cannot live without it.

She sees the prospect of being single alluring but is unable to handle that life and continually reverts back to opportunities to return to what she ran away from.

Alice is a single woman in distress and still in love with her ex. Johnson fits in quite well.   

But Wilson as Robin is the best part of How to Be Single. She is witty and spontaneous with the comedy scenes. Probably anything she says or does will bring a laugh or a smile to your face.

Robin is a carefree girl who doesn’t believe in relationships, and Wilson plays that character flawlessly.

How to Be Single is a story about several individuals finding their way without getting tied down and when they realise the time is right for a relationship, they learn it’s too late.

You have to learn to appreciate and love yourself first before you can do the same for others. And How to Be Single teaches you just that. 

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