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Film Raro on lockdown

Tuesday May 28, 2013 Written by Published in Entertainment

The Film Raro movies that attracted thousands to the auditorium will be publically available – but not for some months.

Organiser Stan Wolfgramm said the aim is to have the films screen at international film festivals, and as part of the conditions of entry the films cannot have been made available to the masses.

“We’re aiming for the biggest film festivals in the world,” he said. “To get into those festivals, the films have to be ‘premiered’.”

While the two public screenings of the movies at the auditorium last weekend were packed – with about 4500 people attending over both shows – Wolfgramm said this is considered a ‘wrap party’ for friends and family of the cast and crew.

The international film festivals will take place over the next eight to ten months, said Wolfgramm, after which the six short movies will be made free and publically available.

The movies will be put on the internet – beginning with Film Raro’s account on Vimeo – and may also screen on television or as part of in-flight entertainment on airplanes.

Copies of the films will also be given to the Ministry of Education for students to use as part of media studies.

“We want to build a library and catalogue of films, and we can use them to promote next year’s Film Raro,” said Wolfgramm.

He said screening the films at international festivals is important because it gives the cast and crew – and the Cook Islands – global exposure.

“It’s where the buyers and producers go. It’s where they look for talent, it’s where they look for locations. It’s showcasing to the top people in the industry.”

He said it is expected the movies will be publicly available within a year.

“The sooner we can get them out, the better.”

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