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Film Raro crowd floods auditorium

Sunday May 26, 2013 Written by Published in Entertainment

Thousands of people flocked to the Film Raro International Film Festival on Saturday night, packing out the auditorium – with more than a thousand in the lengthy queue being turned away at the door.

The night included the debut screening of six short movies pulled together by international film crews in conjunction with local cast and crew.

The event was moved to the auditorium due to rain – a decision that organiser Stan Wolfgramm said was made just a few hours before the 6pm start time.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 2500 people, and with more than 4000 people expected to attend, Wolfgramm decided to hold two screenings – with the second at the same time on Sunday – for those who missed out on Saturday.

“We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see it,” he said.

The crowd streamed into the auditorium, with early-birds filling up the seats and others finding a space on the floor.

There was laughter and excited discussion at the recognition of local faces, who made up almost all of the cast with the exception of two Australian and New Zealand actors in The Seed. Well-known faces who made an appearance included Sonny Williams and Wilkie Rasmussen.

The crowd’s local knowledge also caused laughter in some moments, such as during a car chase that jumped between faraway villages in The Offshore Pirate – directed by the Stone Brothers Webster and Rob – which was the last film to be shown, in part because the team were rendering the footage at the last minute while the other films played.

Each film was preceded by a short speech by the directors, and the US deputy chief of mission Marie Damour presented ‘Little Girl’s War Cry’, directed by Erin Lau, with an award for its social message – which was about domestic violence.

The Film Raro movies also included documentary ‘Mou Piri’ directed by Karin Williams, drama/comedy ‘Dog Save the Queen’ directed by Marcus Hamill, moral drama ‘The Seed’ directed by David Gould, and fable ‘Islands’ directed by Tajinder Hayer.