Life in Rarotonga in the LMS (London Missionary Society) era wasn’t all work and prayer. Thirty years after its conversion to Christianity, Rarotonga was playing host to some of the biggest names in international showbusiness. 

A beautiful island paradise, big business, complex characters, love and betrayal set the scene for the romantic adventure film Stranded Pearl.

Engaging youth to communicate confidently and tell their stories through media is a key to moving forward.

Vindaloo Empire is about a journey of a young man named 'Sid' who travels from India to New Zealand to join his family and create a life filled with motorbikes and women.

Growing up in the village of Tauhunu on the island of Manihiki, Junior Napara learned to love music.

There are videos of girls dancing to his beats in Mexico. They’re listening in Nigeria too. One thing is certain, Cook Islander Emile Rima’s time in lockdown has not been wasted, recording new music. But, reports Rashneel Kumar, it’s good to be home now.

Competition is heating up for the big karaoke contest. 

Dance comp ends with a bang!

Monday August 17, 2020

Te Mire Ura 2020 dance competition draws to a close with new winners in the highly anticipated expatriate category. 

Merle Pukerua was immersed in culture from very young; tonight, she showcases those dance skills on stage in the annual Te Mire Ura Rauti Pi Masters category.

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