Beware seeds of compromise

Friday March 03, 2017 Written by Published in Church Talk

The Bible refers to three different kinds of seeds in Matthew 13:24-30: God’s seed which is good seed, man’s seed which is at best mixed, and Satan’s seed, which is bad.


Every seed that is planted produces after its own kind. It will produce according to the nature of the seed. We are responsible for the nature of the seed we allow to be “planted into the soil of our hearts” - Proverbs 4:23.

As Christians, we should be diligent in uprooting bad and mixed seed that seeks to take root in our heart.

Man’s seed is always referred to as mixed: a mixture of good and bad. It is identified by its compromise and its mergence with activities that are unbiblical.

When man builds the things of God through fleshly endeavours without the power of the Holy Spirit, and he comes to the place in life where he feels he has all of the answers and knows what to do without seriously enquiring of the Lord anymore, he has missed the mark. On the other hand, if we keep what we are building in the Lord, it will continue to grow and have spiritual life flowing, as it is built by the direction of the Holy Spirit and not built on the wisdom of man.

If we build primarily on personalities, celebrities, gifting and programmes, rather than the voice of God, it will have a spiritual shelf life that will die a slow death. Man’s ability is like a hybrid plant. It may look okay, but it will not produce, as essentially it is sterile. Pleasing God and building an atmosphere for God to come should be our first priority.

The presence of God is to be cherished and nurtured in our churches but as soon as we begin to introduce legalism and “programmes” and move away from the very foundations of New Testament living, the anointing begins to lift off our meetings and we stand in the wake of what should be.

One of the biggest issues facing the church today is one of compromise. The compromising of the word of God, the compromising over what God has told us to specifically do and with whom it should be done through. Many churches have turned a blind eye to shoddy and questionable character in the lives of people, in a desperate effort to bring “gifted people” into vital roles within church life.

I have also observed some church folk who want to connect with everyone but not plant anywhere. They run from event to event, chasing the spectacular, feeding off various wells of ministry including Christian TV. They seek more knowledge and experience but they fail to be truly planted, productive and fruitful in their own local church.

Remember the basis of Christian maturity is demonstrated in obedience to God’s word and taking responsibility for one’s own spiritual life, not the accumulation of more and more knowledge - Psalm 92:13.

Some think that by having a mental grasp on Bible teaching and spiritual principles that they are being acceptable and spiritual, yet they fail to live it out in their own personal lives. This is a worrying deception.

As Christians, the kingdom is our priority, and our own local church is the platform of how we are equipped for service. We should follow diligently after God’s word and be passionate in obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

The Bible is full of tragic examples where many of God’s leaders fell short of following the direction of the Holy Spirit. A good definition of rebellion is, “the inability to follow instruction”. Today we face the same problems as some are not diligent in yielding to Christ, and have fallen into activity that falls short of a true representation of Him. Many Christians have been swallowed up by distractions that do not build the kingdom of God as required by Christ, and have lost their passionate fire for Christ and His kingdom.

Compromise always robs us of the blessing God intends. When we embrace spiritual compromise and cave into areas of sin without true repentance, nobody is a winner other than the enemy.

Compromise takes the razor edge off our walk and when we fail to obey God’s word and His instruction, our personal life is weakened. We will also find that compromised living results in churches with zero power in setting people free.

We are called to guard the things God entrusts us with us: for example the church vision, the spirit life of our people, leaders living consecrated lifestyles, the revelations given to us, etc. Throughout the New Testament the writers speak more on the spiritual quality of the people, than on the numbers in attendance. We need to be teaching and preaching a message that calls for a lifestyle that is a true representation of Christ.

It is disturbing to view the levels of compromise in churches today. It would be better that we denounced Christ and viewed life as if there was no tomorrow, than to pretend to be Christian but live a life that is a complete sham. It may fool the “religious” but it will never fool the devil or God—Matt7:21/Rev 22:11.

As leaders, we are guilty of compromise when we give allowance and tolerate things in our ministries that are offensive to the Spirit of God. Sadly, for some leaders, it has become politically correct to accept anyone who is sincere, regardless of their beliefs. It is also socially fashionable not to stand up and be vocal about matters that are biblically important.

Compromise always leads to corruption, which brings destruction.

In Rarotonga, we face the same problems as many other nations do, with “seducing spirits” that entice the church into legalism along with carnality and worldly compromise.

We should be asking the Lord, “What are the things that I am doing that are offending you?’ Get ready for the Holy Spirit to speak a response. We must understand the destructive nature of sin and compromise that stifles the flow of the Spirit of God in our lives and causes us to go through the motions, but deep down we are barren.

As individuals and as churches, we are to carry the atmosphere of faith and expectation, liberty and freedom, consecration and the demonstration of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to visit our nation afresh and awaits a people awakened, on fire and spiritually hungry.

            Pastor Jonathan Cargill

            Celebration on the Rock Church


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  • Comment Link Junior Sunday, 05 March 2017 19:30 posted by Junior

    Best mix refer to a double life, that comes from the choices you made. This affects the inner part of the person, which is the heart. Your conscience will affect you too. Its a staight faward answer. No one is perfect as all know, but for the one who died for us.

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